170223 Firefly now offers unique fire protection solutions for the industry within ports and logistical terminals

In the process of ports and logistical terminals there are several high risk zones where fires or dust explosions can occur. Port facilities and logistical terminals worldwide, lose millions of dollars per year in damages and production interruptions due to fire or dust explosions. Firefly now offers a range of fire protection solutions for processes that include loading/unloading, conveyors, chutes, elevators, filters and silos.

The large quantities of bulk material being processed creates spillage and fine dust, which easily can spread and accumulate in different parts of the equipment. The root cause of a fire in this type of process can be, for example stalled rollers, mechanical failures (i.e. bearings), impurities in the material entering a mill. But also overheating of material deposited in high risk areas can create ignition sources which eventually could cause a fire or dust explosion. If or when a fire occurs, the spreading can be very fast and have devastating consequences due to the difficulties in reaching the affected areas, which often is the case with conveyor belts and elevators high above ground.

A Firefly system is extremely fast and is designed to provide optimal safety against fire with minimal effect on machinery or production. The systems are also extremely flexible and from a range of unique products the solutions are customized for each application.


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