The Intelligent Fire Prevention Platform that
adapts to Your Industrial Process


True Safety
We are convinced that safety and productivity go hand in hand. A fire protection system should never slow you down but take you further ahead. Therefore we have developed Firefly EXIMIO, The Intelligent Fire Prevention Platform that will integrate with the specific conditions of your industrial process. The proof is that our 12 000 fire protection solutions, designed to accommodate each specific production process, are completely unique all around the world.

Our nearly 50 years of experience has led us to develop a platform that combines true safety with process productivity.

Our method is taking a holistic approach and partnering up with our clients with the quest of reaching the ultimate safety solution for each individual process.

Market Leading Detection Technology
Our True IR spark detectors enable Precision Detection  of ALL types of ignition sources, such as hot black particles, glowing embers and sparks. Our detectors are designed to perform in the toughest of environments.

As your process and production plans changes over time, our modular system makes it is easy to adjust and integrate new parts to your existing system. In other words, getting a Firefly fire protection system is your reassurance of investing in a future-proof system.

Optimize cost and performance ratio with data-driven decisions reached through the possibility of analysing  process trends of our connected Spark Detection system. The connectivity of our system also allows you to get fast remote support whenever you need it.

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Firefly EXIMIO
The Intelligent Fire Prevention Platform
Firefly EXIMIO, is developed with the user in mind. It is a synthesis of Firefly leading fire detection technologies and the latest control systems. Firefly EXIMIO works without interruption, which means production continues despite of a Firefly system on the platform being activated protecting your production . In combination with Firefly's daylight insensitive detection technology it minimizes unnecessary production stops substantially.

With the Firefly EXIMIO platform you can integrate different fire protection systems and products  that you need for your process from Spark detectors, Flame detectors, Multigas detectors, Temperature sensors and much more . All parts of the systems are controlled by The Firefly EXIMIO control unit. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface called IntuVision which enables ultrafast response, data visualization, easy interaction, remote support and many other useful features.
The system allows for easy remote access which gives you the flexibility of operating the system from a desktop computer.


Firefly EXIMIO
Visual Status Indicators
Practical online reporting functions provide you with information on the system and safety status. It shows a summary of events and trends during a chosen time period combined with detailed status information on all system functionalities where available.

Firefly EXIMIO InfoLED™ are visual indicators on detectors located in the process with the corresponding show of status on the control panel. Through color-coding a clear and direct communication between these system parts and the operator is made possible. This is yet another feature that truly makes Firefly EXIMIO the most user-friendly system on the market.

Firefly EXIMIO also simplifies system service and maintenance through multiple smart functions. It notifies when it’s time to perform scheduled. The EXIMIO online functionality enables the Firefly Service Centre to provide remote support.


The unique EXIMIO 12.1” touch screen ensures quick and easy access to IntuVision user interface.

Fully dust tight proof IP65  that allows the flexibility for the control unit location with tough environments.

Touch Screen & IntuVision (operator’s interface) Included as standard in a Firefly - EXIMIO system

Clear, informative and intuitive user interface

Connected system with remote support

Firefly control unit is approved by VdS, Schadenverhütung, certificate no: G218012s


Firefly EXIMIO
The Future-Proof System Architecture
The modular and decentralized system architecture gives you, as a Firefly customer, great flexibility. Each EXIMIO network usually, includes one primary EXIMIO control panel equipped with a touch screen and the user interface IntuVision for easy access to all protection zones. Detectors and extinguishing equipment is connected to local hubs, making cabling and installation easy. When there are  several EXIMIO™ hubs installed, you can choose which EXIMIO™ control units should be equipped with a touch screen for easy access in your process section.
As your process changes over time you can easily add protection zones to the system this ensures your investment to be Future-Proof.


Simple, cost-effective and easy installation

Modular and decentralized system architecture

Connected system with remote support

Possibility to have more than one screen in a network

Easy to expand the system and add protection zones for future needs


The Intuitive User Interface
The unique and modern operator interface ensures quick and easy access to all systems functions in an interactive way. IntuVisionprovides a clear overview and control of the whole EXIMIO network and the possibility of acknowledge alarms of all the system’s protection zones. The Event-Log always shows the task handled for a better user experience.

The History Log  has the capacity of up to 1,000,000  event logs stored. The user can select a time range of interest to get the event log for that period and use different filters as event type such as warning, detection, process stop etc, or mode (normal, service).

With EXIMIO™ IntuVision™ desktop you can get graphs and reports for further insights to your process, keeping you informed and enabling better decisions.

Screen Intuvision

Combine Technologies
The Firefly EXIMIO™ platform combines fire preventive technologies
such as Firefly Spark Detection Systems with fire protective technologies such as Firefly Quick Suppression Systems all controlled through one single platform.

An overview of each system is just one click away though IntuVision™ ApplicationView™. There you can see a process drawing and the placement of each part of the protection system.

Valuable information on statistics of detections and process stop alarms over time is accessed through RiskStatistics. Detailed data findings are analysed and visualized in an easy way to interpret though this Add-on feature.

To ensure the powerful extinguishing performance of the system Firefly has developed a new patented technology called HydroTest™ Technology. It automatically evaluates the condition of the pressuarized water system including the bladder tank.

This Add-on feature of the EXIMIO™ system is completely unique on the market. and yet another step forward for Firefly to increase the level of safety for our customers.


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