181030 Firefly reporting from Moscow

Sharing knowledge on preventive fire protection in the wood and the bioenergy industry in Russia 

Mikhail Kholodov, Firefly's fire preventive expert in the region of Russia and the Baltic states, was recently present in Moscow at the venue Lesdrevmash, a major event gathering people from the wood and the bioenergy industries

''Lesdrevmash is a platform for us to meet and update our customers on the latest in fire protection for the process industry. I had the pleasure of presenting at the Bioenergy Conference at Lesdrevmash and my observation is that knowledge about the risk of fires related to industrial processes could be better.

In Russia there is a substantial export of plywood and the process of sanding is an important part. Since sanding machines are expensive investments, production stops due to fire incidents, are very costly.

People from the wood industry showed a lot of interest in the Firefly SanderGuard™, one of our Quick Suppression Solutions. Fine dust generated by a sanding machine can, when ignited, give rise to severe dust explosions and rapid spread of fire. Firefly's SanderGuard™ use quick flame detection inside the sanding machine and water mist suppression, providing optimal protection of this important link in the production chain. Many customers cannot consider starting a new production line without the protection of Firefly's SanderGuard™.

We got a lot of positive feedback when guiding people on how to reach optimal solutions
for their specific production processes. Our job is important and the end results of increased
safety for people and machinery gives us a lot of satisfaction and positive energy moving forward.''



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For questions please contact Mikhail Kholodov at: mikhail.kholodov@firefly.se

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