180905 Firefly reporting from Panama City

Raúl Moreno, Firefly's fire preventive expert in the region of Latin America, Spain and Portugal, is present in Panama City for the venue FICEM Technical Congress. FICEM stands for The Inter-American Cement Federation and represents the majority of the cement manufacturers in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.

What is the cement industry talking about at the venue?

Cement companies are really eager to reduce their CO2 emissions and lower their use of fossil fuels. Due to this they are looking for innovative ways to produce and use alternative fuels.

People like the Firefly state of the art solutions for protecting their investments and to protect their teams from the risk of fires. Especially
since, in the production of alternative fuels, it is not a question IF the fire
will occur rather than WHEN it will occur.

Alternative fuels are exponentially growing in Latin America and we are able
to provide fire prevention 
solutions tailor-made to the needs of the industry.


To hear more about fire preventive and protective solutions
for the cement industry or other industries 
please contact Raúl Moreno at: raul.moreno@firefly.se

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