The purpose of a Firefly training is to increase knowledge of your Firefly system and how to perform maintenance on your equipment. A Firefly training also covers basic fire and explosion fundamentals, and provides insight into industrial risk management.

A Firefly training will keep you up tp date on your Firefly system, ensuring that you are educated in maintenance and risk management at your production site.

Firefly offers

In-class training
Firefly offers a range of in-class trainings providing an opportunity to exchange knowledge in an interactive environment throght both lectures and practical exercises. We also offer industry oriented trainings with topics of interest specific to your area of operation and Firefly system.

On-site training
Regardless of your location in the world, Firefly also offers trainings to be held at your site. These trainings can be customized depending on your specific needs.


A Firefly training is held by Firefly's Service and Risk Engineers and implemented in the form of lectures and practical exercises.


· Risk and explosion fundamentals

· Firefly fire preventive system and functions

· Operation of system

· Maintenance

· Control of functions

· Documentation


The duration of a Firefly in-class training is 2 days. The duration of a Firefly on-site training is a minimum of 1/2 day up to several days, depending on content and your specific needs.

Upcoming training dates

Please contact us for upcoming training dates.

Information & Pricing

A Firefly training is interactive and the number of participants per course is therefore limited.

For pricing and scheduling of your tailored training, please contact Firefly's Training Team:

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