Magda Szymendera

Service Coordinator

Since 2022, I been a part of Firefly and I absolutely love it here. As a service coordinator, I have a central role in the department, planning service schedules, reviewing service reports, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. My work requires flexibility and good collaboration with our service engineers. Previously, I ran my own business, it taught me a ton about responsibility and always striving to do better

The best thing about working at Firefly is our fantastic team. All my colleagues are helpful, and we support each other every day. Having everything under one roof promotes smooth communication, and I appreciate the freedom and responsibility I have here. To be able to adapt my workday is priceless.

But what truly gives my work meaning is our higher purpose. Through what we do, we save lives and prevent unnecessary process downtime for our customers. Being a part of something that truly makes a difference is one of the greatest rewards of my work at Firefly.

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