intelligent fire protection that keeps you in production

We stop fire before it takes hold, with preventive systems and quick action

Fire – a problem and risk for any processing industry. Large fires are disastrous, but even a small fire cause downtime and financial damage to your business. But with a rapid response, and top-of-the-line technology, the fire might be stopped before it even starts.

As well as greatly improving personal safety, a system from Firefly result in less downtime and reduces or eliminates damage to machinery and buildings.

Firefly is an international fire protection company that has been helping industrial operations protect their processes from costly damage and downtime due to fires and dust explosions since 1973.

Automatic fire suppression system

Firefly’s systems react rapidly. Dangerous particles in a process flow can be detected and extinguished within milliseconds, before a fire or a dust explosion builds. Our detectors can find hot particles before these even start to glow. Our Quick Suppression System detects and suppress flames in open areas and around machinery, at the earliest stage of an outbreak.

All components in the systems are optimized for rapid reaction, stopping fire and sources of ignition from developing. Prioritizing rapid reaction in all component parts is what makes Firefly’s systems the fastest in the market.

A fast response minimizes losses both in material and financial terms and keeps your plant safe, using technology that is certified to industry standards.

Firefly´s patented True IR spark detector, that is FM approved and insensitive to daylight

Firefly’s FM approved flame detector, designed to withstand though industrial environments

Firefly’s powerful full-cone water spray extinguishing with a unique nozzle design

Firefl’ys efficient water mist suppression with minimal water usage

Firefly EXIMIO IntuVison™ – A unified control system

Prevent fires in all bulk handling processes

Whenever combustible material is handled, there is risk of fire. Material that is reduced to dust has a large surface area and can easily catch fire. If friction causes the temperature to rise, for instance due to mechanical failure or foreign objects in the process, hot particles may form and set fire to the dust, causing an uncontrollable sequence of events that causes damage to the plant, standstill costs, water damage to the building and injury to workers.

Firefly protects industrial processes all over the world, in sectors such as woodworking, wood panel manufacture, paper, tissue, absorbent materials, food industry, ports, power plants, biofuel manufacture and the recycling industry.

Keeping your process running

The key to productivity in any continuous process is to avoid downtime. Firefly’s fire protection system helps keep your process running.

Most fire extinguishing systems in the market are designed to protect the facility from total loss – not to safeguard individual pieces of machinery. Firefly thinks differently and aims to act before the fire causes damage to your plant.

Whether you want to protect your production line from prolonged standstill, or reduce the number of short stoppages due to small fire incidents, Firefly has the solution.

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About us

Firefly is a Swedish company that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality.

Based on customer needs and research, Firefly has developed and patented products and solutions, creating a unique portfolio of innovative products and system solutions to increase the level of safety.

Local support and remote support

We provide local expertise to our customers all over the world. We strive for excellent service in everything we do, and we measure customer satisfaction regularly.

In order to optimize your Fire Protection System we offer proactive service visits. With Firefly you will get an extensive system life cycle with availability of spare parts. The connectivity of our system allows you to get fast remote support whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key components of Firefly’s fire protection and safety systems?

Firefly’s fire protection and safety systems include detectors, extinguishing equipment, and control units. These elements work seamlessly together to accurately identify potential sources of ignition and quickly intervene to prevent fires.

How does Firefly’s technology adapt to different industrial processes?

Firefly’s systems are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each application. Whether it involves protecting individual machines, filters, silos, or entire process lines, our technology is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and effective protection across various industrial processes.

What sets Firefly’s TrueDetect™ technology apart?

The TrueDetect™ technology sets Firefly apart by its ability to identify heat sources with extreme accuracy. By targeting hot particles before a fire can start, TrueDetect™ enables rapid intervention, preventing severe damage and minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents.

How does Firefly’s spark detection system work?

Firefly’s Spark Detection System is designed to detect hot particles moving at high speed within industrial processes. By extinguishing these particles before they can develop into fires, the system effectively reduces the risk of fire outbreaks and protects critical equipment and facilities.

What sets Firefly’s quick suppression system apart in industrial fire protection?

A quick suppression system, such as Firefly’s, swiftly detects and extinguishes flames or fire outbreaks around critical machinery or high-risk areas within industrial environments. It incorporates flame detection, low-pressure water spray extinguishing, and a control system with rapid response times. Unlike spark detection systems focused on fire prevention, quick suppression systems act early to prevent escalation. Firefly’s system, using high-performance flame detectors and efficient water spray systems, achieves rapid response times of 1-3 seconds. It shares a control panel with spark tracking systems, allowing seamless integration for optimized functionality.

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