181122 Firefly at Pollutec in Lyon, France

In response to the growing need in society for environmental preservation and prevention actions, Pollutec Lyon, is an important platform for business and professional training, where national and international companies show their solutions and innovations geared towards the circular economy, development and sustainable consumption, sustainable cities and much more. It is a four day event being held from November 27th to the 30th at the Lyon Eurexpo, in Lyon, France.

As the bioenergy industry grows so do its fire problems, there are several high-risk zones where fires or dust explosions can occur. The installation of a preventive fire protection solution from Firefly can save the industry from costly fires and dust explosions. By combining unique and patented technology with 40 years of experience in the process industry, Firefly offers premium safety solutions that minimize false alarms and keep industries in production.

Welcome to our stand and learn the latest in
fire protection from Firefly's fire preventive experts.


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