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Firefly in brief

Firefly is a Swedish corporate group that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality. Based on customer needs and research, Firefly has developed and patented products and solutions, creating a unique portfolio of innovative products and system solutions to increase the level of safety.

The company’s head office is located in Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm. The company is represented worldwide and conducts sales directly to customers and via distributors in over 90 countries.

Firefly has subsidiaries in both Poland and Italy.

Our history

The company is founded in Sweden under the name PAK construction.

The first detection system is tested. It is based on visible light detection.

The first commercial delivery of a spark detection system. The spark detection technique is improved to be based on IR radiation detection (lead sulphide).

The company changed its name to Firefly AB.

Firefly receives FM approval for the Spark and Glowing Ember Extinguishing System. Firefly Introduces a new generation of detectors to the market, based on the analog system M-℅.

The digitally based CUE-control system is introduced to the market.

Firefly is listed on the stock exchange.

The Firefly PressGuard® system with water mist suppression is launched to the wood panel industry.

Firefly receives VdS approval for the Spark Extinguishing System. Firefly started to cooperate with EADS (Ropstock System Technik) to develop the “Electronic Nose” detector, which is built for gas pattern recognition.

Firefly starts to test the “Electronic Nose” in the subway of Stockholm (SL)

Firefly launches WebScan™ for the tissue industry, and PlanerGuard™ for the woodworking industry.

The infrasystem which is based on the “Electronic Nose” is launched as Sentio®

The Installation of the “Electronic Nose” – Sentio® in the subway of Stockholm is completed.

Firefly launches the new system generation EXIMIO™.

Firefly acquires flame detector series from Omniguard® from Meggit Inc.

Firefly acquires the Multiple Gas Detector Technology from RST (Rostock System Technik GmbH).

Firefly Launches the world´s first third party approved Quick Suppression System.

Firefly expands its business through the establishment of subsidiaries in Poland and an acquisition in Italy.

Our vision

Firefly’s vision is to be the natural choice for the security- and profitability-conscious customer.

Our mission

With world-leading competence and innovative development, Firefly creates effective solutions that provide increased fire safety and reduced damage outcomes.

Firefly’s financial and operational goals aim to strengthen the company’s global position in the industry for preventive fire protection systems and show the company’s direction for the coming years.


Firefly’s activities, products and systems are designed to preserve resources by preventing industrial assets from becoming damaged by fire. This helps industry maintain productivity and in this way contributes to optimizing the use of resources in society.


A lot is happening at Firefly and we are expanding in several areas. If you want to work in a fast-paced environment with great variety and a strong employee focus, Firefly could be the right fit for you.

We are always looking for new talents, maybe that’s you?

Investor relations

Firefly is a global company with customers in over 80 countries. Firefly is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Here you can find more information about investor relations.

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