181127 Firefly reporting from Rimini

Sharing knowledge on preventive fire protection in the recycling and the bio production industry

Philippe Bourdiol, Firefly's fire preventive expert in the region of France, Italy, Greece and North Africa, recently took part in Ecomondo in Rimini, Italy. It is a major event gathering people from the recycling process industry.


“Ecomondo is an international exhibition for recycling, waste and water handling, bio production and for environmental conscious products in general. Eco-logics was really the word of this show and Eco-tech, Eco-system, Eco-power were some of the concepts. 

All the machines and products presented at the show were made of bio or environmental conscious raw materials, for example plastic bags made out of biodegradable material rather than plastics. We could also see that many vehicles used in the recycling process industry, such as trucks, fork lifts and cars, were electrical or bio-gas powered.

Firefly’s contribution to this important development is to help in keeping the recycling industry safe from fires and explosions. It is well known that this industry, like many others, battles fire incidents, and the question is how to keep people safe and how to minimize damages as well as production stops. 

Visitors at Ecomondo, who did not know about Firefly, were happily surprised to see that we have unique and adapted solutions for the recycling industry. Our ability to optimize safety through custom made solutions is the reason why many OEM:s, machine suppliers, are trusting Firefly’s fire prevention and protection systems to guard their people and processes.”


Update yourself on our fire protective solutions for the bioenergy industry.

For questions please contact Philippe Bourdiol directly at: philippe.bourdiol@firefly.se

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