120705 Why protect a shredder?

Every year, fires occur in numerous shredders worldwide. Frequent fires in shredders often result in production downtime and loss of revenue. Regardless if you shred waste, paper or other material, a fire in your shredder can occur due to several reasons: for example friction, bearing failure or foreign objects (stones, metal pieces, etc.).

A fire in a shredder can spread very quickly. Therefore, a fast acting fire protecting system that also withstand the tough conditions in and around a shredder is required. Firefly ShredderGuardTM is a solution to prevent fires in shredders within the recycling industry. The focus on the Firefly ShredderGuardTM solution is to detect and extinguish a fire in a shredder as quickly as possible. This is done by three main integrated functionalities: detection through flame detectors and True IR detectors, extinguishing with full-cone water spray and water mist suppression, and finally the control function.

By integrating different techniques into one solution, Firefly provides optimal safety for the protection of shredders.

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