Josephine Boström


What makes my job really special is the purpose behind it – making the world safer with our fire protection solutions. It’s amazing to know that what we do can protect lives and property. Every part we assemble helps prevent disasters and save lives, and that makes me feel a sense of proud.

I also have fantastic colleagues who make coming to work enjoyable. We have a great team, and everyone supports each other. Whether we’re solving problems, thinking of ways to improve, or just sharing a laugh, the positive atmosphere makes a big difference.

As an assembler, my job is important for making sure our products are top quality and reliable. I pay attention to every detail and take pride in my work.

What keeps me going is our meaningful mission and the supportive team environment. I love knowing that my work matters and that I’m part of a team that values working together and doing our best. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn, which keeps things interesting. And it’s really satisfying to see the results of our hard work in the form of reliable, life-saving products.

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