Food Fire protection in the Food industry

The food industry cannot be generalized as it contains a wide range of processes. One common denominator for the food industry is that its materials are fine, dry, and in most cases organic. These materials can ignite and explode if an ignition source is present in a layer or within a dust cloud.

The codes for the use of equipment in the food industry are very strict. Firefly therefore tailors a protection system to accommodate these parameters. Firefly equipment for the food industry contains of stainless steel and other food-approved materials. To provide effective protection against fires and explosions, Firefly offers fire protection through Spark Detection and Quick Suppression solutions by using IR-radiation detection and flame detection in combination with water spray extinguishing and water mist suppression. 


Fire protection solutions for the cacao industry

Risk areas in a cacao plant are the roaster, cake breaker, mill and the silo/storage area. In all these areas, overheated particles and other ignition sources can create a fire or explosion.

Firefly offers tailor-made systems for the protection of cacao plants. With the aim to avoid unnecessary interruptions and damages to the process, Firefly offers fast IR radiation detection in combination with effective suppression.


Fire protection solutions for the cereal production industry

Overheated cereals that are transported in the process are one of the main causes of the fire-related problems in the cereal production industry.

Firefly offers tailor-made systems for the protection of cereal production. With the aim to avoid unnecessary interruptions and damages to the process, Firefly offers fast IR radiation detection in combination with suppression and/or diversion.

Grain Mills

Grain Mills

Firefly has developed the following solution/solutions for the Food industry:



Firefly has developed the following solution/solutions for the Food industry:

Baked products

Baked Products

Fire protection solutions for baked products

Baked products are always exposed to high temperatures from ovens. Taking into account that almost all baked products have ignition temperatures very close to the average oven operation temperature, there is a constant latent risk that products will burn. This risk increases due to possible failures in temperature calibration of ovens and maintenance issues.

High temperatures in the process can cause overheating of the baked products, which many times turn into flames or embers. This can lead into possible damages of the cooling and transport band, as well as bad product quality and possible packaging problems.

Firefly BakeScanTM

Firefly’s BakeScan™solution is a Quick Suppression System designed to detect and extinguish glowing pieces and flames on transportation belts of baked product processes, including biscuits, tortillas, baked crisps and cereals.

The system detects glowing pieces or flames at the very low speed associated with baked food production. Water mist suppression enables the process to continue without warping the belt or creating risks to hygiene, and avoids temperature stress on the cooling belts.

The Firefly BakeScan™ system prevents damage to the cooling and transportation belts which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. 

Dairy products

Fire protection solutions for milk powder spray dryers

One of the main risks in a spray dryer is material build-up inside the dryer. Over time, this material will over-dry and can start to smoulder. If this smouldering fire continues without detection, a fire can break out.

Many milk products will self-ignite at 100˚C over time, if the build-up thickness is around 100-150mm. This is very critical since all dryers have an inlet temperature of more than 100˚C. Another risk is mechanical friction in any of the mechanical moving parts in the area of the spray dryer.

Firefly’s solution for the protection of milk powder spray dryers consists of a combination of the Firefly Quick Suppression System and Spark Detection System, using flame detection and suppression as well as spark and hot particle detection and extinguishing. Firefly also offers a fire protection solution for the fluid bed, minimizing the risk for a fire in the fluid bed and downstream the production flow.

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