protect your process from costly Fires and Dust Explosions

Firefly is one of the world's leading supplier of fire prevention systems to the process industry. Since 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating tailor-made systems of the highest technical standard, in order to protect the process industry from costly fires and dust explosions.

With a range of products and solutions covering everything from spark detection and water spray extinguishing to flame detection and water mist suppression, Firefly can offer a safe fire prevention solution for your company.

Firefly FM approval

Firefly spark detection and extinguishing systems, approved according to the new FM standard 3265.

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Firefly Quick Suppression System

Firefly presents the world's first third party approved Quick Suppression System!

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  • Watch the video Firefly EXIMIO IntuVision 4.1

    Another Step Forward in Firefly’s Strive to Increased Safety for the Process Industry.

    Here are the latest updates of

    Firefly EXIMIO IntuVision 4.1
    – The Intelligent Fire Prevention Platform

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